What if you could easily identify those children most in need of therapy or referral?

Father and daughter sitting at a table

Since launching in Ontario in 2016, the Communication Checkup has been used by over 15,000 clinicians and parents in Toronto and Ottawa. It has saved parents time by alleviating the need for a trip across town to visit a specialist, and saved the healthcare system the costs associated with face-to-face assessments. In one case within the first two days after launch the Communication Checkup processed more patient referrals than the entire previous month without an automated system.


Streamline Screening

Screening is key for early intervention. The Communication Checkup online tool allows you to share a solution with parents and healthcare partners in your community who can use it to perform an online screening. Based on results, clients are then referred to the provider in your network best suited to meet their needs. The Communication Checkup integrates with your intake workflow and transmits any relevant information for followup by a specialist.


Build Capacity

Healthcare professionals are involved in every step of the spectrum of care: assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up. But a busy and overburdened system can be more efficient when professionals are working less on paperwork and more on treatment. The Communication Checkup frees healthcare professionals' valuable time to be spent on those clients who need it most.


Automate Referrals

If a client chooses to do so, a referral is automatically transferred electronically through the proper channels for your jurisdiction. The referral documentation contains the outcomes of the screening ready for review and follow up by an SLP. The Communication Checkup ensures efficiency, accuracy, and time-savings at every step of the referral process.


Deliver Care Remotely

As the world adjusts to living post-COVID we are seeing an increased interest in telepractice solutions like the Communication Checkup. By being delivered though the web to any device, parents across your region will be able to access screening and intake services anytime day or night, anywhere there's internet. The solution is completely self-serve, alleviating the risks associated with treating patients in person.